GROW—Generations Realizing Occupational Wellness

growHelping low-income mothers and fathers of young children seek more education, secure better jobs, and gain financial independence.

Low-income parents with young children are the target of GROW, a new program that aims to break the chains of intergenerational poverty.

As one low-income mother told us:

Being poor is looking at your children in the backseat of your car, clutching the box of raisin bran you just bought and trying to figure out how to explain to them that that box has to last.

How do unemployed or underemployed young parents find the resources to hold things together at home, while they search for family-sustaining work?

Pennsylvania Women Work has a new answer for these young parents and their children: a new program designed to address the growing problem of intergenerational poverty.



Low-income parents with young children are the target of GROW, a new program that aims to break the chains of intergenerational poverty.

GROW (Generations Realizing Occupational Wellness) is a statewide program for young families that helps young, low-income mothers and fathers (ages 18-35) and children do better together. GROW helps parents learn the skills and line up the resources to become ready for better jobs, while addressing their children’s wellbeing at the same time, so low-income families can still accomplish financial independence.  In a classroom setting with individualized support, GROW participants learn how to set personal career goals, seek jobs online, make a better impression at interviews, manage household finances, and balance parenting and childcare with other family needs.

GROW addresses a critical need for support in underserved communities, neighborhoods where it may be difficult to find family-sustaining work, get access to (or afford) childcare, or get connected with the educational resources that will open up better jobs.

“Nearly one in five Pittsburgh families live in poverty, and the vast majority of these families are headed by single mothers,” said Julie Marx, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Women Work. “While poverty affects individuals of all ages, young adults with children face immensely difficult challenges to not only  find family sustaining employment, but also care for and support their growing children.”

GROW specifically targets unemployed or significantly underemployed parents of young children, and strives to be the bridge they need to cross over from struggle to success.

For more information about this program and to register, please contact Tricia Nabors, Program Director,
at 717.869.6363

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GROW classes happen in the areas below, including

August 22, 2016 – September 2, 2016
September 19, 2016 – September 30, 2016
October 17, 2016 – October 28, 2016
November 7, 2016 – November 18, 2016
December 5, 2016 – December 16, 2016