About Us

Our Mission

To assist individuals in transition throughout Lancaster County to achieve economic self-sufficiency. The label “in-transition” can apply to:

  • Single mothers or fathers
  • First-time pregnant
  • Recently fired by an employer
  • Recently laid off by an employer
  • Recently quit a job
  • Dislocated homemakers, previously supported by another family member, forced by death in their family or divorce to reenter the work force or enter it for the first time

Our Vision

To empower women and men in transition to participate fully in planning and achieving their career, educational, and personal goals. This program provides an environment that preserves dignity and supports personal choice.

Whom We Serve

The New Choices Career Development Program benefits individuals from all socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial backgrounds from across Lancaster County. All women in transition over the age of 18 who have earned at least a GED or high school diploma are eligible.

How It Works

Through a ten-day, sixty-hour career guidance class, the New Choices Career Development Program benefits individuals in transition by giving them the skills and resources to succeed. Students are trained in job seeking, interviewing, and résumé writing. They learn the value of self-esteem, effective communication styles, and stress management. Students are introduced to resources in the community that helps with housing, legal, and medical issues. After completing the course, students are eligible for scholarship funds to pursue short-term education. Students also receive continued guidance from the dedicated New Choices staff long after graduation. All of these elements help us to propel women and men in transition toward a prosperous future.

New Choices is overseen by Pennsylvania Women Work.

Pennsylvania Women Work’s New Choices career development sites are located across the Commonwealth. If you are looking for job training to further your career, we invite you to contact the program at the location most convenient for you.