New Choices offers a scholarship to our Graduates

New Choices Career Development Program offers scholarships to our graduates wishing to continue their education. Each student is handled individually, and the scholarship amounts are dependent upon our government funding and student’s education program of choice. The true transformation happens before graduation during the New Choices two-week class. This scholarship money helps the transformed you into your new life!

How can I get scholarship money?

After graduating successfully from New Choices, students meet with New Choices’ director, Tricia Nabors to discuss education plans and scholarship possibilities.

How much is the scholarship for?

The scholarship mainly depends upon our funding for the year. The scholarships range from $400 – $1,500

Must I complete the New Choices program to be eligible for the scholarship?

Absolutely! Scholarship money is only offered to New Choices graduates.

Can I use the scholarship money at any school?

Scholarship eligibility depends upon your school and program choice. Call New Choices for more information.


Lancaster is a county ready to help! To see other resources and scholarship in our community click HERE!

Please contact New Choices at 717.393.1735 ext.235 if you would like more information or would like to schedule a meeting.