Recently, PA Governor Tom Wolf slashed New Choices Career Development Program funding completely from the state budget. This has put us at a great disadvantage and has profoundly affected how we provide programs to women in transition.

It is more important than ever to advocate on behalf of New Choices Career Development Program!

Please continue to inform your state representatives about how much New Choices and its program mean to you and to the community. And, urge Gov. Wolf to reinstate funding to New Choices Career Development Program. Our governing agency, PA Women Work has created postcards encouraging State Senators and State House Representatives to continue funding for our New Choices Career Development Program. If you would like to fill one out and send it to your representative, please call the office at 717-393-1735 ext. 235. We can set up a time for you to pick one up, or mail you a copy.

Call the office to fill out a postcard that you can personally send to your State Representative. This is your opportunity to tell government officials that are there to serve YOUR needs what matters to YOU! Postcards are available for those interested in promoting the services of the New Choices Career Development Program.

You can also write your own letters to the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Use this link (The Pennsylvania General Assembly – Find your Legislator) to find out who represents you and where to send these letters, or direct your calls.

Download a copy of a letter you can send your your State Representative.

Click the link below to watch a video of Pa. state Rep. Brown as she highlights the need to restore funding to the New Choices New Options program, which supports women pursuing non-traditional careers. Brown, a graduate of the program, points out that state funding has fallen from $5 million dollars per year to only $400,000.