Before attending the New Choices Career Development Program, Betty worked at a local hospital and as a waitress at several restaurants, but still found it hard to manage her budget every week. A single mom with a BA degree in biology, Betty was only making $12 an hour as a lab technician.

During her time in the New Choices program, she learned to make smart goals, take time to evaluate her choices before committing to do something and to later reflect on those choices. It wasn’t just career advice that Betty gleaned from the program, she also discovered something about her personality that made it hard for her to be productive.

Betty currently works in the Neuroscience unit at LG Health and has set a new goal, a Master’s Degree in health sciences or as a Nurse Practitioner. She credits New Choices with helping her to clarify her skill set and work on herself.


“What I realized is that I say yes to everyone. I never set boundaries – I just didn’t have them.  I am always the person given more responsibility at work but wasn’t being paid for my efforts.”

Betty Frimpong-Manosh