Renee has a love for animals, which is the passion behind her first career as a dog groomer. Throughout her life, she noticed that even the most frightened and aggressive of dogs would reciprocate this love and gentleness. Renee feels that the animals can sense her internal pain and nurturing spirit.

As a sexual abuse survivor, Renee is on the path towards healing. Due to past abuse injuries, the strenuous movements of grooming took a toll. She signed up for New Choices seeking a new career path; she was a single woman who needed a new career and more income. She found LCCTC’s Vet Tech program, a wonderful surprise, as she didn’t think she would be able to physically work with animals again.

She graduated from the Vet Tech program in June of 2018 and works fulltime as a Vet Nurse for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center. Renee entered New Choices thinking the program was just about careers but quickly realized that it was about much more.

“I was carrying around a lot of emotional stuff with me, things that I thought I put behind me. I wasn’t expecting to be working on my issues during the New Choices program. It was enlightening; it was excellent. It reinforced my choices that I had made in my life to move forward. I also discovered some things about myself that surprised me.”

Renee Stoltzfus